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On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committees of the International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds (ISIC) it is our privilege and pleasure to invite you to the 19th Edition of the ISIC Symposium, which will be held in Assisi, a beautiful Italian city with a remarkable cultural and artistic life and an outstanding architectural heritage.

The first ISIC conference has been held in France in 1977. After this date, the meeting has been organised every two years in different Countries of Europe, Asia and America: the last meeting has been held in Strasbourg in May 2015. 

In all these conferences the peculiar properties of intercalation compounds have been highlighted. The combination of solid materials of different dimensionality with atomic or molecular guest species via intercalation processes represents a unique synthesis strategy for the design of solids with particular composition, structure and physical properties. Thus, the design and the characterization of intercalation compounds, with advanced functional properties, needs of interdisciplinary competences as material chemistry, physics and biology. This field has experienced a great development and represents now an established specific domain of solid-state research and materials sciences.

Nevertheless, advancement on the intercalation chemistry will be possible by a deeper knowledge of structure and reactivity of the hosts and with the development of synthetic methods and characterization techniques. This Symposium is a unique opportunity for the Intercalation Compounds Community to bring together information, results and ideas that will stimulate further exploration of the intercalation compounds.

The program of the 19th ISIC conference will include Plenary and Keynote Lectures, as well as oral and poster presentations.
A session of the 19th ISIC conference will be dedicated to Prof. Umberto Costantino career for his precious and invaluable contribution to the development of lamellar solids such as zirconium phosphates and phosphonates and hydrotalcites, as well as to the studies of their intercalation chemistry.

Participation of young researchers, both from Industry and University, will be strongly facilitated by low registration fee and fair lodging possibility.

Great opportunities to meet colleagues in informal discussions will be made easy by an attractive location, taking advantage of the features of Assisi: a city offering a multitude of cultural, historical and artistic attractions, all at walking distance from the Symposium venue.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we wish you a fruitful and enriching symposium and a pleasant stay in Assisi.

Prof. Morena Nocchetti

Prof. Chiara Bisio   


Abstract submission deadline
February 20, 2017
Registration and Payment deadline
April 20, 2017


Symposium Secretariat
Morena Nocchetti
Chiara Bisio

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